View of the Southwest Platform Mound at Aztalan
Pottery sherds from Aztalan drying in a screen
Excavation at Jonathan Creek c. 1941

2024 UW-Madison Isle Royale Archaeological Field School: May 20 – June 23

Learn archaeological field methods that are used to study the life ways of ancient peoples. Join UW Professor Sissel Schroeder and graduate student project supervisor Katie Trotter as they investigate ancient archaeological sites on Isle Royale, a rugged, isolated island in Lake Superior far from connected communities.

Students accepted into the Field School will receive instructor permission to register for Anthro 370 for four (4) credits. There will also be a $650 fee as well to help cover costs of food, supplies, and lodging at the start and end of the field school. We will depart Madison on May 20, return on June 24 (there needs to be flexibility with the dates because of limited boat access to the island).

Students will tent camp at a campsite on Isle Royale. Learn more about Isle Royale here.

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