The Laboratory of Wisconsin Archaeology

Modern laboratory space for researching and teaching the archaeology of Wisconsin, eastern North America, and related topics

The newly-renovated Wisconsin Archaeology Lab provides the space, equipment, and reference collections necessary for carrying out archaeological research in the 21st century. The lab space is also heavily oriented around undergraduate education and was designed to facilitate hands-on learning.

Computer workstations

Two iMac desktops, one Mac laptop, one Windows laptop, printers, scanner, and a Wacom drawing tablet are available for data analysis, digital cartography, and other tasks.

Collections storage

Electronic space-saver shelving units house collections. The lab itself is temperature-controlled and checked for pests weekly.

3D Modeling

One 3D printer, photogrammetry software, and 3D modeling software are available for developing 3D images of artifacts, excavations, and archaeological sites.

Graduate student desks

Graduate students have dedicated desk space to study, conduct research, and hold office hours.

Secure access

The lab is secured with a keycard passcode system. Access is limited only to lab members and office staff.

Microscopes and photography

The recent lab renovations includes several digital Dino-Lite microscopes, a binocular microscope, and a new artifact photography station.

Our Location

  • Address:
    5416 Sewell Social Science Bldg
    1180 Observatory Dr., Madison, WI 53706