Jake Pfaffenroth

Ph.D. Candidate

I am an archaeology Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the department of Anthropology, where I'm studying the archaeology of precontact eastern North America. Specifically, I'm interested in cultural interaction and multi-ethnic community formation between Middle Mississippian and Late Woodland peoples ca. AD 1000-1250. My research revolves around examining variation in domestic household and palisade wall architecture to understand: 1) integration of migrants and locals in "frontier zones", 2) expressions of social identity at the household level, and 3) multi-cultural community formation. I'm undertaking this research at Aztalan, a Mississippian and Late Woodland precontact site in southeastern Wisconsin.

  • Cultural interaction, migration, ethnicity, and community formation
  • Walled communities
  • Late precontact societies of eastern North America
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Use of 21st century technologies

My Research

My research has spanned a variety of themes but currently involves examination of domestic household and palisade wall architecture to understand multi-cultural community formation and social identity in the context of migration.

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